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Why should I consider medical or surgical procedures in India?

India offers World Class Medical Facilities, comparable with any of the western countries. India has state of the art Hospitals and the best medical experts. With the best infrastructure, the best possible Medical facilities, accompanied with the most competitive prices, you can get the treatment done in India at the lowest charges. The rates of all the major surgeries including the traveling cost and accommodation cost is just 50% of the rates in USA and Europe.


Is cost the most important factor that I should consider?

To be sure, cost is always an important factor to consider when seeking medical care. If you are deciding on an elective cosmetic procedure, your insurance policy may not cover the expenses.


How can I trust the quality of the Indian doctors?

Many of the doctors in India are educated in US and UK. Some have even practiced in the US for years and remain Board Certified in the US. Also, you must be aware that most of the hospitals in US and UK have a major chunk of Indian doctors.


How can it be safe to travel so far after a surgical procedure?

Your travel plans will be entirely dictated by the surgical procedure you select. Many procedures that are non-invasive and will enable you fly out the same day as the procedure. Once you select a procedure and destination you would be made aware of the recommended recuperation time required before return travel.


What about “after-care”?

Depending on your treatment you will be advised on the “after-care” program. we will also be a point of contact for 3 months after the treatment if you have any questions.


What about the confidentiality and privacy of my medical forms?

All your medical information and your medical information is never disclosed to any unauthorised party.


Do I have to tell my G.P.?

Although going abroad for medical treatment is your choice and decision, I advise clients to inform their G.P. of the proposed treatment. Your G.P. may also be a point of contact with the after-care in which you receive when returning to your home country.


Can I book my own travel arrangements?

As part of our services we are happy to organise your travel and accommodation for you. You are however, free to organise your own arrangements though you will be responsible for ensuring that your travel coincides with any medical treatment.


Can someone come along with me?

Yes, and it would be encouraging for you to get some one with you during your treatment. We can offer services such as airport pick-ups, nurse/doctor accompanied ambulances, chauffeur driven cars, hotel accommodation that will make your trip as smooth and stress free as possible.


What about the language?

All of the Indian hospitals have fluent English speaking staff.