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Since plastic surgery is a fast-growing practice these days, practically every imaginable exterior aspect of a human being can be transformed. We live in a society where aesthetics is of utmost importance. Because of this fact, a lot of people opt to “go under the knife” in the hope of looking like their favorite Hollywood stars – or at least slightly like them.

Plastic surgery may be viewed as the latest “fad”. However, its history dates as far back as the ancient civilizations. Since they do not have the safest and most innovative means to “redo” physical appearances in the past, plastic surgery were never patronized as much until the later part of the 19th century.

Facial or face plastic surgery, such as the face lift, means the removal of excess fat or skin. This procedure does not work to eliminate wrinkles or other skin problems though. The main goal of face lift surgery is to provide people with a fresher and more youthful appearance. A process technically known in science as rhytidectomy, it is capable of reversing the unpleasant effects of aging, sun damage, genetic defect, and other. Further, face lift remains to be a top face and head surgery option available today.

A person who wants to undergo face lift may be concerned with forehead wrinkles, lines around the eyes, nose, and mouth, loose skin on the neck, and folds on the cheeks. The removal of excess fat and skin tightens the muscles, and the re-wrapping of the skin contours the face, giving the patient a youthful look.

What type of surgeries do specialists in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery perform ?

Otolaryngologists who practice facial plastic and reconstructive surgery actually provide a wide variety of procedures. That does include rhinoplasties, reconstruction of facial bones from trauma or from cancer surgeries. They also do cosmetic work as well, such as facelifts, eye rejuvenation, forehead lifts, lip implants. Facial plastic surgeons also work in conjunction with pediatric otolaryngologists on patients who have congenital deficits, meaning they may have a small ear, or be missing part of their lip or nose or eyelid or something of that nature, and they’ll help to reconstruct those areas as well.


After the Procedure

Depending on the extent of surgery and the need to closely monitor the patient’s breathing, the first 2 days after surgery may be spent in the intensive care unit. Without complications, most patients are able to leave the hospital within 1 week. Complete healing may take up to 6 weeks.


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What are the advantages to consulting a facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon ?

The advantage of seeing a facial plastic surgeon for procedures you want on your face is that they have experience not only in cosmetic procedures but in functional procedures as well. So facial platic surgeons are not just treating patients who want a rhinoplasty to look better, they’re treating patients with sleep apnea, who have problems with breathing or snoring. Facial plastic surgeons’ requirement in their training for procedures is vast, so they may have to do hundreds of nasal surgeries before they are allowed to graduate from their residency, and I think that gives them an advantage over the other plastic surgeons in treating the face.