We at We Care Health Services, India have a different approach towards medical tourism as opposed to our counterparts abroad. Our medical tourism process starts with suggesting, brokering and referring the patient to the selected hospital and doctor but does not end there. We have direct first name relationship with all the major doctors and surgeons in our partner hospitals in India. We actually service the patients while they are in India for the surgery / treatment. Our team of Clinical Coordinators and Patient Care Managers meet the patient daily, coordinate clinically and non clinically with the hospital doctors and staff to ensure smooth and trouble less care to the patients and their attendants.

Our top management team led by Mr. Pankaj Nagpal is on tour of our partner hospitals to meet patients and doctors and ensure a seamless care of our patients. This also allows us to update with the latest technology upgrades in India as well as establish a strong relationship with the doctors and the hospitals

International Patient Services in India

Our services are absolutely free to all the patients in all the partner hospitals in India under our Basic Care Package.

Dedicated International Patient Services TeamDedicated Hospitality Care TeamDedicated Patient Care Team
    1. Website and email communication 24 x 7
      As soon as we receive your medical query with the required reports, our patient coordination team of qualified doctors (international patient coordinator) pre assesses the case and replies you with a personalised message confirming the query and suggesting any medical reports requirement.
    2. Telephone – Medical Consultation 24 x 7
      The international patient coordinator then personally calls you to discuss the case and any personal preferences. A personal telephone call is made at every point of communication establishing a personal touch.
    3. Medical and Hospitality Quote – in 2 working days
      On the receipt of all the required medical reports and doctors notes, our patient coordinator then sends copy to the concerned doctor and discusses the case personally with him / her. All aspects are thoroughly discussed and negotiated including the suggested line of treatment, average length of stay and package cost. It’s then communicated to the patient with in 2 working days.
    4. Video Conferencing
      If needed a personal video conferencing of the patient or his / her personal doctor is established with the operating surgeon for discussion
    5. Medical Visa Assistance
      On the final decision of the patient to travel to India, the passport details of the patient and the traveling attendant are obtained and a medical visa assistance letter addressed to the High Commission of India in their resident country provided. This enables to a medical visa quickly.
    1. Air Travel / Air Charter Booking
      Air Travel booking and confirmation to and fro is done from our office.
    2. Airport Transfers
      Airport Transfers in an air conditioned car are provided as a part of medical package.
    3. Ambulance
      Ambulance service, if required is, also provided at the airport as a part of the medical package.
  1. Airport Care
    Our Patient Care Manager meets you at the airport and escorts you to the hospital.
  2. Pre Admission Care
    You do not have to wait at the hospital lobby for hospital admission. You will be escorted directly to the room booked for you and all formalities completed there.
  3. Daily Meeting & 24 x 7 Coordination with the Doctors, Nurses & Hospital Staff
    We have a Clinical Coordinator and a Patient Care Manager stationed in each of our partner hospital. The clinical coordinator meets the operating surgeon / doctor and communicates with the patient. The Patient care Manager arranges everything non clinical including food etc. according to personal preferences.
  4. Post Surgery Care
    While staying in a guest house / hotel before you can fly again, the team visits you regularly.
  5. Tour Care
    If you select to go outside the city for a tour, you can call back to our clinical coordinator at any time of the day for assistance. Also, you may select to take a personal care assistant for personal care on the tour for a nominal fee.
  6. Follow up with Doctor
    On returning back to your country, we will communicate with you regularly to check your health and any follow up required with the doctor will be facilitated.
  7. Yoga, Physiotherapy, Meditation etc.
    Any monitored physical activity required post operation while staying in the guest house / hotel will be provided as a part of the package. The Physiotherapist will visit you in the guest house for the physical activity.